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Level Shoes collaborated with FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion and Style to transform the store throughout the Dear India campaign, drawing inspiration from the different aspects of a traditional wedding and the iconic architecture of India.

“The Dear India collaboration has been an enriching experience for our students at both our India and Dubai campuses. We are delighted to have been involved in the project across various departments and the experience has added immense value to our emerging talents as they gear up to foray into their professional careers” – Shivang Dhruva, FAD Founder.

Rituals of the Indian Wedding

Two photography exhibits highlighting the Rituals of the Indian Wedding were showcased throughout the store. The first exhibition showcased the work of FAD alumni students Jituli Punjabi and Taher Husank.

The second exhibition showcased the work conceived by FAD students supported by creative director Shirin Aminian, photographer Rohan Shrestha and model Nidhi Sunil.

Bollywood Art Project

BAP is an urban art project founded by Indian street artist Ranjit Dahiya. The initiative aims to transform the walls of Mumbai into a living memorial to Bollywood through large hand-painted murals that replicate the classic Bollywood movie posters. A selection of his pieces were used to decorate the Trends area to create a colourful collage.

The wooden blocks used to transform the Contemporary Area were directly sourced by FAD from Jaipur. The hand carved blocks are traditionally used to print patterns on textiles with rich natural colours – a practise that has been used in Rajasthan for around 500 years. Around 2,000 blocks were used to decorate the contemporary area.

Shiv Shilo Suleman

Indian contemporary artist Shilo Shiv Suleman transformed the Contemporary wall for the Dear India campaign hand-painting aspects of the mural live. On the collaboration, the artist said “Indian weddings are rich with hidden rituals so the intent is to bring to Level Shoes the theme of love in all its purity, strength and beauty.

In the piece, I explore the idea of 'Shringaar' or adornment. Drawing from the 16 ways in which a bride ritually consecrates herself to enter into union. Adornment itself is an ancient act of self-exploration. Moreover, the word Sringara, one of the nine rasas, also translates as romantic love or as attraction and beauty. Rasa means "flavour", and the theory of rasa is the primary concept behind classical Indian arts including theatre, music, dance, poetry, and sculpture.”

he shadow puppet artwork which decorated the kids’ area was designed and created by FAD alumni student Varis Mansuri while the elephants placed around the store were individually hand carved and hand painted.