Admissions 2020 Open
Mumbai - Pune - Dubai

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Incubating emerging talents since 10 years of founding, FAD International has been ringing in passionate individuals who desire to achieve global excellence, nurturing their ingenuity while helping them conceive their signature style.


We are a creative arts & fashion institution that ministers diverse and masterfully designed courses spanning throughout creative fields that inspire students to unleash their talents.


We believe that every creative individual requires the liberty of thought, ergo, at FAD, students are given complete authority as they progress through their respective trajectories teamed with thorough guidance by industry insiders. 


We hone in working with a global perspective, providing students with an unorthodox course of learning that helps the students imbibe practical skills. Students are introduced to industry integrated learning so that they are adept to the system upon gaining ground in their respective fields.


FAD TALENTS is an exclusive platform that aims to equip the emerging talents with international recognition by sharing and promoting their work in a professional standing.


Here, we unveil and celebrate the compositions of various upcoming artists facilitating them in building their network across their respective areas of specialty. 


With FAD TALENTS, we envision empowering the budding talents and helping them reach a global audience to earn character in the professional nexus.